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Happy new year! It was great working with you all in 2019 and look forward to catching up in 2020.

New year trading: I will be on leave from Friday 17th January. I will be available for appointments starting from Wednesday 5th February (keep an eye out for my new online appointment booking option coming in 2020!).

I will be available to assist with time critical or urgent matters and to discuss any new matters or enquiries to determine the urgency of your needs. Simply get in touch or submit your new enquiry above. Keep safe over the holiday period - Chat again soon.


Welcome to BOS Financial Services - your option for good old fashioned service. 


Its business as usual with the banking royal commission report released early this year. We are still just focusing on our clients needs and will adapt to any changes as they occur going forward. This year presents a different environment where it is possible to obtain finance if we take a common sense approach and ask a few more questions upfront. Its more important than ever though, to take the time to put all the pieces of an application together and double check with the proposed lender before submission. Expect the application process may take a little longer as more information is verified upfront to build a strong case for a loan approval and to find the lender that best suits your unique situation. Don't be put off by the media, they need to sell headlines to make a dollar. We will give honest advice and guide you through the maze to achieve your goals. 


At Bos Financial Services, we source a finance solution for all your:

-Personal finance needs

-Business finance needs  

-Property, vehicle, asset and equipment finance needs 


We find and recommend:

-The best option to meet your needs


We provide:

-A personalised service to our clients who seek a high level of upfront and ongoing service which you may find hard to get from other lenders or service providers 


We can assist with:

-Finance from a new lender

-A top up or new finance from your existing lender

-Refinancing to a better product to suit your specific needs

If you are seeking new finance, we will make sure you understand your options and arrange the finance that best suits you.


At Bos Financial Services, you have access to your broker from start to finish and beyond. We will delight you by making the process simple, personalised and informative. Don't apply for a loan until you have spoken with us. We will collect all your information and verify with the chosen lender, before we submit your loan application to minimise unnecessary credit file checks. Take advantage of our experience in the financial services industry and get in touch today!


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Credit Representative Number 502217 is authorised under Australian Credit License Number 389328. Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.