Your appointment is booked in, what's next?

You need to get a few documents together and provide us with some upfront information. We have made each step easy - so don't worry!



We have made it easy to provide your identification to the lender.

All you need to do is collect the necessary ID for us to sight at our appointment. We will take copies and submit to the lender on your behalf.

We can also provide JP services at your appointment if requested. 

All lenders require us to verify your identity and take copies of your ID. It is important all ID documents match correctly. In most instances the following ID is sufficient:

-A current DRIVERS LICENCE (front and back) AND AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT (if passport is expired, cannot be expired for longer than 2 years).




Changed your name (ie through marriage?) if so,

-Please ensure your name is correct on your ID documents and matches 100% with other provided ID and the name on your application. If your name is different on any of your identification documents and/or property title, please provide evidence of your name change via either a change of name AND/OR marriage certificate.


If you cannot comply with the above, please contact us to advise what ID you do have.



Please forward the following:


-2 most recent payslips for each applicant.


-2 full years most recent individual tax returns and ATO notice of assessments and if applicable, 2 years most recent business tax returns and financials (profit and loss and balance sheet).

If you cannot locate your tax returns - don't worry, simply email a request to your accountant (and CC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. into the same email) to send us a copy. 

-Alternate documentation / low doc: 6 months BAS statements and 6 months business account statements and confirmation of ABN and GST registration and accountants letter confirming required information.


-Please provide evidence of all other income received such as investment property rental income, Centrelink (ie FTB A and B) or investment income (ie shares or managed funds).



So that we can correctly assess your situation, we will need up to 6 months of recent bank statements. We recommend using a secure service from Cashdeck that allows you to send your statements to us in no time - in as little as 30 seconds! No more turning the place upside down looking for your statements or trying to download from internet banking (available for most major lenders).

Simply request your secure link to be delivered via email or sms - remember to provide account statements from each bank you regularly transact with, have a loan or credit card with and receive your income into

If providing manual bank statements: most official bank statements are for set periods of time. Always send at least 1 full statement (most recent) as provided by the bank (showing the bank logo, your name, address and account number details etc) and if required, send the rest of the statement via a transaction statement ideally obtained from your internet banking or if required by calling your bank customer service team OR attending a branch. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some lenders now enforce providing statements via service as offered above. If you do not use the statement retrieval service above it will take longer to assess your eligibility for a loan and delay preparation of your application for submission to the lender. Please use the statement retrieval service wherever possible. Its convenient for you and saves everyone a lot of time. We will cover all costs associated with the service.

Income details will be used to calculate and confirm your borrowing capacity. This is one of the first steps in the overall loan process.



Keep a look out for an email with a link to complete a short needs analysis and living expense questionnaire. We have made it really easy for you to tell us what you want/need in your loan and to accurately list your living expenses. 

-If you require assistance in calculating your living expenses to enter into the questionnaire above, please follow this link: -for a quick calculation (<5min) OR Comprehensive Calculation (up-to 20min).

-Upon completion of your budget, simply enter your email and forward us a copy for your file to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



For all debts being consolidated OR refinanced, we will need:

-Up to 6 months recent statements with one original statement to show the bank logo, full account name and numbers and loan detailsSatisfactory on time payments should be evident. Please advise if there is any late payments/fees.

-Some lenders may also need a 3+ months statement for each liability that is not being consolidated OR refinanced to verify satisfactory account conduct.

Feel free to use the bank statement link above to send us your bank statements from participating lending institutions. Car loan and third party credit card providers are generally not available via this service.

For other loans like HECS, HELP etc, please provide evidence of outstanding balance and any other information like repayment amount. If your HECS or HELP debt is paid out BUT your payslip still shows HECS/HELP deductions, please arrange a letter from your employer clarifying the situation AND evidence of nil balance owing available via ATO portal login.



Lenders may request evidence of your contribution to the property purchase. Statements provided above should evidence your cash holdings. Check with us if your contribution needs to be shown as 'genuine savings'.


If your cash contribution is gifted funds, please arrange:

-A signed and witnessed statutory declaration from the person offering the gift, clearly stating the gift does not need to be repaid. 


If you are using equity in another property (i.e. family guarantee), please provide: 

-A rates notice and recent loan statement - if mortgaged.


If you are selling an asset to free up the cash to be contributed, please provide:

-Evidence of current asset being sold.








-Please provide a copy of your most recent property rates notice for each property/loan to be refinanced. 

-If refinancing an investment property please provide evidence of rental agreement/income


PURCHASING PROPERTY ie land or established property

-Please provide a copy of the contract of sale for the property you are buying, once available. A signed and completed front page copy of the contract of sale is generally required to order a valuation used for loan approval purposes. 

-If purchasing an investment property please provide evidence of any existing rental agreement/income



-Please provide a fixed price building contract and progress payment schedule from your builder, once available. A signed building contract is required to order a valuation used for loan approval purposes.



-Please provide a copy of the contract of sale for the property you are selling, once available. This is required when applying for a loan BEFORE your current property is sold.



-Please provide a copy of your consent orders or separation agreement and draft transfer of land when arranging to refinance your loan to buyout your ex partner.



-You may be required to have an amount of cash available equal to at least the interest charges on your bridging loan portion, to fulfil servicing requirements. Fees and charges may apply upfront for this service.

NOTE: Bridging finance is a high risk transaction but can also result in you securing your desired property before missing out on the opportunity. Independent legal advice is recommended.  




To speed up the data collection process, we have made it easy for you to complete most of your personal information, in your own time, before we meet!

Simply request a personalised login, so you can provide your details securely online and automatically populate your details into our system ready to submit to the lender!



Prior to our meeting, ask yourself the question: How can i protect myself and/or my family against an unexpected death, terminal illness, serious illness or involuntary unemployment, and help keep my home? At your request i can assist you with insurance to help protect you if an event was to occur. Please note that any advice i give in relation to any insurance is not tailored to your individual circumstances or needs.



We will keep you updated along the way at each and every step. You will find our service useful, valuable and time saving. 


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